All of The Hardwood Floor Company’s floors use the latest in factory finished, UV cured, hardwax oil and natural oil finishes and are relatively easy to maintain.

There is still a little work involved, but it’s not rocket science! Our floors are tough and hard-wearing, but they are not bullet proof! All wood floors naturally age and wear with day-to-day living. Keeping your wood floor looking good is just a matter of some small maintenance and like most things in life, some common sense.

What to do:

  • Use outside mats at the entrance doors to prevent unwanted dirt and grit being carried on your boots and shoes. In addition to this, it is no harm using interior door mats for the same purpose, you might even consider a built in matwell at your main entrance.
  • Sweeping and Vacuming on a regular basis will prevent the build up of any dirt or grit that may scratch or wear the surface of the floor.

  • Damp cleaning – We suggest that at least once a week you should tack down and damp clean your floor using a well rung mop and a recommended wood floor cleaner. Please see our full Vermeister range for an approved product.

  • Using the correct cleaning product – Always check with your supplier for the recommended maintenance products for your specific wood floor finish.

  • Moving heavy objects – When moving electrical appliances, furniture etc. always make sure you lift, and never push or drag. If you cannot lift, slide a blanket or carpet under the objects to prevent scratching and gouging.

  • Use floor protectors on the legs of furniture and other heavy objects to avoid scrapping or scratching. If your furniture has floor casters make sure that they are of the wide variety. If they are of the narrow metal variety, there are special plastic and velvet cups that can be purchased to be used underneath same.

  • Spills and Thrills – Needless to say, it is vital that you wipe up water, wine, coffee and other such little accidents.

  • Big Pets / Small Pets – If for example you are house training a puppy, allowing him to do his business on the floor is an absolute no-no! And covering the floor with newspaper doesn’t help at all. If you have such an occurrence, clean it up immediately!

What not to do:

  • Don’t allow any water or liquids to sit on the floor for prolonged lengths of time. Even when cleaning, only use a slightly damp mop, sponge or cloth as wood and water are not best friends.
  • Don’t allow stiletto heals, spiked shoes such as golf shoes or football boots, or any foot wear with steel tips onto your floor as they will most definitely damage it!
  • Don’t use cleaning products with bleach, chlorine, ammonia or any powder type abrasive cleaners.
  • Don’t use any spray polishes or furniture wax as they will only make your floor slippy and it will eventually dull the overall look.
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