We ask that customers request only 3 samples per order.

Samples sent are for colour reference only, measuring 180mm x 180mm

Wood flooring is a gift from Mother Earth herself and is not a perfect science. Every trunk of every tree, every branch and every leaf are completely different. Therefore, each plank, each block and each piece of our wood flooring is as individual as the next and totally unique with no two the same.

Variations in colour, grain structure and knot size is to be expected depending on the grade of wood flooring you have chosen.

Special surface treatments and smoked products can vary greatly from batch to batch and board to board and therefore we cannot guarantee that a small sample can represent the overall appearance of a finished floor.

Showroom wall samples and architect’s working samples will give a far better representation but they too can vary from season to season and batch to batch.

It is understood that by placing an order with us, you acknowledge and accept this as part of the beauty of wood itself and recognise that a small sample is for reference only and no rights may be claimed.

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