Once you have visited The Hardwood Floor Company you will quickly realise that all floors are not created equal. You will also be amazed with the quantity of species from around the world and the wonderful diversity in surface finishes. Begin by browsing our range in our product selector.

This can present itself as a bit of a challenge at first, but once you invest a little time in researching the floor type suitable for your particular installation, you can quickly move on to the harder question of which species and what finish. There are other factors to consider. How wide should you go? How long should the planks be? Which grade of hardwood should you choose to deliver your own particular look? Should you choose a lacquer, natural oil, or hard-wax oil finish?

Well, the good news is that after many years of dealing with interior architects and designers alike, our experienced team of professionals are at hand to help you make the right decisions to deliver an exceptional hand crafted hardwood floor.

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