The Hardwood Floor Company’s origins can be traced back to the 60’s, 1964 to be exact, when Sean Sharry, one of our founding directors formed Woodtrends Ltd. on Francis Street in Dublin. This company specialised in the manufacturing of high quality furniture for bars, restaurants and one-off domestic pieces. They were one of the first companies in Ireland to have a laminating press for real wood veneers and high-pressure laminate.

Over the years, the company progressed and diversified, and were well respected for their unique surface finishing techniques which were rare at the time. In the mid 1980’s Johnny Landers met Sean and embarked on a joint venture that would see them both represent Woodtrends in Ireland and some of the most respected laminate and wood floor manufacturers throughout Europe in the Irish and UK market. In the late 1990’s Johnny acquired Woodtrends solely and began to specialise in the manufacturing, importing and distribution of high quality wood flooring from around the world. In 1999 he changed the name of the company from Woodtrends to The Hardwood Floor Company and relocated to the Sandyford Industrial Estate where we remain to this day.

For almost 20 years we have been supplying high quality wood flooring for commercial and domestic use, not only in Ireland and the UK but as far afield as New York, the Emirates and Djibouti to name just a few. Our exceptional hardwood floors have been used by some of the most respected architects and designers who return to us again and again for our high quality service and technical prowess.

Over the years the company has built up a portfolio of products that is the envy of the industry and is still the most innovative force in the design and production of high quality hardwood flooring.

We look forward to working with you and being at your service.

Johnny Landers

Founder and Managing Director