It is without doubt that 90% of people choose a hardwood floor for the natural beauty it adds to the home. Indeed very few products have such an impact on the overall design of a home, as it is used in many rooms. So with that in mind consider these few words of wisdom.

  • Plan, design and select your hardwood floor early. Do not leave it to a few weeks before you need it.
  • Take your time, focus in on the overall look you are trying to achieve and select a wood which will compliment this.
  • Always think long term as the vast majority of our hardwood floors are life long products.
  • Wood flooring which runs room to room can tie a design project together very well and open up the space.
  • Consider the scale of the project, this will allow you to select the correct width and length of your boards. Big rooms can take long and wide but small ones can not.
  • Remember there are many different surface treatments and many different designs for you to create your own personalized wood floor, so go on, be creative.
  • Don’t forget as well as being a thing of beauty a wood floor has to be hard wearing and easy to maintain, so select a species and finish that fulfills your needs.
  • You may have to push the boat out when it comes to budget to get what you really want. Don’t be afraid to this, as the return on your investment is a lifetime of enjoyment for generations to come.
  • If you are engaging an Interior professional, let them guide you, not decide for you.

And as the great Finnish Architect and Designer Alvar Aalto said:

“Sometimes you have to step aside your comfort zone to be rewarded”.

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